Student ATHLETES of the month

December 2017

Antonia Willis, #10
Junior High Lady Senator

Antonia is an eighth grader and plays point on offense and center on defense for the Jr. High Lady Senators. She is an excellent student overall – both in 7th grade and continuing her efforts into the 8th grade where she is consistently on the A & B honor roll throughout. Her favorite subject is Social Studies and she’d like to continue getting even better in Math & Science. Antonia feels that the Sisterhood 360/coaches keeps her focused on the “school first” principle by having organized Study Tables before practice, and they also encourage bonding and team work – which is attributing to the early success of the Jr. High team. Antonia’s pre-game ritual to get her focused for the game is listening to music. Although a few years out, she hopes to continue honing her basketball skills and maintaining her Student-Athlete abilities – ultimately obtaining a college scholarship after graduation.

Coach Dauner's comments: Antonia has been a team player both on and off the court for the JR team since day 1! She certainly leads by example and takes great pride in her academics. As a returning Sisterhood 360 player from last year, Antonia does an excellent job making others, particularly new sisters, feel welcomed and loved on the team. She sets the highest expectations for herself and continuously meets them; despite any obstacle she is given. Her kind spirit and warm personality make her a pivotal member of the JR team.

Monasia D. Ginyard, #1
Jr. Varsity Lady Senator

Monasia (Lil Mo) is a sophomore and now the starting point guard for the Jr. Varsity Lady Senators. Her favorite subject is English as she is passionate about writing, more specifically, argumentative. Monasia’s grades and point-guard skills are significantly improved versus last year. She continues her pursuit in making the A honor roll both 1st & 2nd quarters. Her overall improvements as a student athlete have even captured the attention of her Coach Craig (Varsity Head Coach). Monasia attributes these changes to what she has learned from all of her coaches – taking her time to think about things more, learn how to adjust and adapt to change, help one another and step up as a leader. Her pregame tradition is listening to music to help her improve her focus. After graduation, Monasia plans to attend the University of Cincinnati and specialize in Criminal Law – allowing her to further pursue her passion of argumentative writing.

Coach Craig's comments: Lil Mo is #1 on our team. She is a determined young Lady who is always under sized, but never out matched. She came to us being a cheerleader and using her words to bring negative attention to herself.  She is a true fighter and there is nothing she can’t do when she puts her mind to it. Lil Mo changed her path from having below average grades to being a honor roll student. I am proud of her efforts and her leadership on our team. Looking forward to great things from Lil Mo!

Jada Ciara Robertson, #21
Varsity Lady Senator

Jada is a senior and point-guard/wing player for the Varsity Lady Senators. Her favorite subject is Mathematics. She is excelling in her senior year as both a student and a player. Jada has made the A honor roll in both 1st & 2nd quarters, and has demonstrated more self-control and focus as a player. She attributes these changes to the investment of time and input from her coaches. Jada’s pre-game traditions include listening to music, talking/sharing her thoughts with her teammates, and having prayer with the team. After graduation, Jada plans to continue her education in Business and pursue her passion as a Cosmetologist – long term, owning her own salon.

Coach Craig's comments: Jada is a Student-Athlete that has made a commitment toward education. Jada came to us never had played basketball before. She was hardworking and gained skills quickly. Her determination on and off the court will make her a success now and in the future.

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