A Bond that Cannot Be Broken

Sisterhood 360 strives to provide enriching programs to develop young girls academically, socially, and in leadership through sports and mentoring. Sisterhood 360 uses multiple touching points in a holistic approach, to provide young girls with exposure and opportunities beyond the classroom and playing fields.

Who Are We?

Sisterhood 360 is a non-profit organization that supports the Taft Girls Basketball Program. The Sisterhood is more than just a basketball program, serving at-risk young ladies by providing a program that offers what we like to call a 360 approach; giving our young ladies exposure to a world beyond the classroom and court; to better prepare them for their life after high school. Our mission is to develop young ladies both on and off the court; focusing on academic, social, leadership and athletic development.

What Do We Do?

The Sisterhood 360 approach includes a number of activities and resources tailored to impacting the lives of the young girls in the program, which includes providing daily meals and snacks, a summer leadership academy, an annual overnight retreat, and team bonding outing to increase the cohesiveness of the team.

Social Development

Community service is a major aspect of the social development portion of the program. In addition to giving back and building the communities we live in, community servce opportunities allows our young ladies to experience learning beyond the classroom, allows them to build upon their existing skills, learn how to better solve problems, helps better understanding their own competence, and learn how to better work in teams.

Academic Focus

Academically, we are working to increase student success in the classroom and focused on college readiness preparation, by creating tutoring opportunities specifically for the young ladies in the program, teaching organizational and time management skills, and improving studying habits and skills. We work closely with school counselors and teachers to meet the individual needs of our girls, to enhance the opportunity for academic success for each young lady.



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